About Counseling Therapy


We need a little help!

For Individuals

Individual therapy using MFT approaches has been shown to be highly effective.

Sometimes “talk” therapy can be enhanced by pharmacological therapy, so I may work in conjunction with a psychiatrist who prescribes medications. Issues effectively treated by MFT include all the conditions in the diagnostic manual including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks, phobias, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, body dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders, substance abuse, personality disorders, adult ADHD, and more.

Life challenges and transitions can be particularly helpful times to empower yourself and your relationships. Divorce, bereavement, loss, losing a job, illness—and even positive changes such as marriage, birth of a child, graduating, moving, a new job—can challenge our old ways of doing things! I can help you with these challenges, developing new ways that work better for you now: Turning these challenges/changes into positive and profound transformations!

I have worked with each of these conditions and more, and it would be my privilege to help you on your personal journey to to a better life.

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For Couples

Marriage & Family Therapy helps couples to

  • Increase emotional intimacy, trust, and health in the relationship
  • Improve communication and connection
  • Enhance romance, love, and sexual satisfaction
  • Heal emotional and attachment injuries, recover from infidelity
  • Create the relationship you want and need

Whether creating a wonderful relationship, healing one that isn’t working, or ending one in the most healthy way (for yourself, your children, and your future relationships), counseling is a very positive step to take.

Whether early in your relationship, or deep into a long-term commitment, couples counseling can be powerfully effective. In my experience as a psychotherapist working with couples, change happens rapidly and profoundly. This comes from my expertise in cutting edge research about what works in couples counseling, my intuitive-empathic abilities to understand the unique journey of each person and couple, and my experience and skill in bringing both of these to bear with balance, care, and even fun.

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For Families

Parent-child relationships can be the most rewarding, yet the most challenging.

As a marriage & family therapist, I can help parents and kids find new ways of interacting that bring out the best in each of you!

Families constantly negotiate evolving challenges and needs as children grow up and as events and transitions take place— marriages, divorces, births, losses, adoptions, remarriages, blended families, empty nests, retirement, moving, financial strain, illness, new jobs and more — these can create stress and difficulties; even the changes we embrace with joy.

I can help your family to Communicate, Connect, and Create solutions — to support and enjoy each other according to your unique family’s unique preferences — to bring about profound transformations for all members of the family and the family as a whole — Collaboratively and Co-Meaningfully!



For Kids & Teens

Children and teens face many challenges as they develop into the wonderful adults.

Some struggle with serious problems such as severe depression, substance abuse, self-harm, and eating disorders, as well as ADHD, OCD, ODD, and other disorders.

All have special gifts and promise. As a marriage & family therapist, I can help to create “the difference that makes a difference” in your child’s life.

Sometimes we need a little help!

For minors over the age of 12: Section 124260 H&SC. Section 124260(b) permits a minor who is at least 12 years of age to consent to outpatient “mental health treatment or counseling services if, in the opinion of the attending professional person, the minor is mature enough to participate intelligently in the mental health treatment or counseling services.”