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Dr. Ruth Houston Barrett PhD, LMFT — “Dr. Ruthie”

Sea-Change Marriage & Family Therapy —                                                     at the corner of Catalina Ave. & Ave. I in Riviera Village

1611 S. Catalina Ave., Suite L43, Redondo Beach, CA 90254  

Text or call:   (310) 995-9356 

E-mail:  Ruth@SeaChangeMFT.com

Therapy options include private in-office sessions, as well as diverse and creative options and mixtures, to flexibly meet your needs: these include home-based, e-mail-based, telephone-based, and “walk & talks” (a client favorite). Also, please join me in Therapy Light, my treat! on Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 9:15 AM: 45 minutes of a short beach walk with guided mindfulness and personal enlightenment exercises—coming soon!

Catalina and Ave I

Day, evening, and weekend hours—Yes!

Rates: $150 per sessiona full hour — and often even longer! Unlike most other therapists whose standard sessions are commonly 45 or 50 minutes, which I feel is overly rushed much of the time, I find that sessions tend to have an organically felt ending point, so I do not schedule sessions tightly, allowing the space to focus completely on each session. My rates are reasonable, compared to other Doctoral-level Marriage & Family Therapists.  Also, a sliding scale is available. My goal is to provide effective, affordable services.

First session — extra time, no added charge: It is important to feel comfortable and that you and your therapist are a good fit, and the flexibility of a longer first session can help to ensure that we accomplish these and other important goals as we begin to work together.  Many people appreciate feeling there is plenty of time to “tell me everything” so that I can really understand where you are starting from.  The added time allows us to thoroughly explore goals for therapy, the format and number of sessions, and to address any crisis issues.  I have been doing it this way for over 10 years, and I really believe it benefits my clients.

Free Financing: Sometimes needs are urgent in the short term, and it is most helpful to have several sessions early on, then taper off as good progress is made. This can create a financial burden or inconvenience at the beginning. Sensitive to this issue for my clients, I have set up an interest-free financing option:

Insurance: While I am working to get onto insurance panels as quickly as possible, I can at the present time prepare a superbill for reimbursement by your PPO or Insurance —a simple explanation of superbills is at: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_superbill  Insurance companies have various rules as far as session lengths (less than an hour) and their requirements for diagnosis and so on.  Many people prefer to avoid this and pay privately.  I will work with you to create the plan you prefer.

Free underground parking—Yes!  Enter from Catalina Ave. (on the right side of the photo above).

Credit cards—Yes! via a “card swipe” in my office.  or please feel free to use the following service (a Paypal account is not required):

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The view outside our building — since my office is just steps from the beach, it can be uplifting and revitalizing to spend time before, during, or after a session strolling above or below, or meditating on a bench, perhaps communing with dolphins or whales.  Many clients enjoy the occasional outdoor session with beach chairs or even sitting in the sand!

Beach near office

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